A Storm Is Brewing


This is what I’m working on setting up right now, it’s going to be epic as fuck


6 Responses to “A Storm Is Brewing”

  1. mccool Says:

    if i didn’t live in fucking canada i would SO enter whatever the hell this contest is.

  2. elenamary Says:

    how can one email you/get in contact?

  3. SergDun Says:

    are you trying to get a hold of me or Grocery? I’m thinking me as I just saw your cutesy tamale day challenge, either way you can hit me at sergone [at] beerandrap . com

  4. MF Grocery Says:

    I’ll take the fermentation challenge any day. Bring that shit.

  5. grammar gestapo Says:

    “what up now, bitches” is a question, not a statement. fail? FAIL!

  6. SergDun Says:

    it’s a question if you’re a bitch. It is a statement if you win at life

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