Picked up a pound of pig stomach on sunday. I got it prepared thinking that they just meant cleaned. I’d never actually cooked it myself because I knew you had to clean the shit out of it so I never bothered. Little did I know that when they said prepared they actually meant cooked. Dude pulls the stomach out of a vat that they had a whole bunch of them simmering away all morning in. That made my day a whole lot easier.

Took it home and cut it up, little bit of seasoning and then fried it up in some lard just to get it a little crispy. You could just cut it up and eat it but I like my Buche to half a slight crunch. It does get slightly tougher but it’s worth it.

Put it on some cactus tortillas I’d picked up and topped it with lime soaked onion &¬†cilantro, queso fresco, chicharron molido, and some creama. Really can’t go wrong with these joints


5 Responses to “Buche”

  1. w Says:

    is this vegan?

  2. SergDun Says:

    of course

  3. Dollar Bin Says:

    I’m going to have to see if one of the mexican markets in my neighborhood has this. It’s taco night!

  4. Fuck Says:

    looks like your tubby girls snatch

  5. Mzungu Says:

    For sure it’s offal taco night. Nice.

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