Today I ran into an old lady at 19th and Mission selling pasteles and papusas out of her little shopping cart. I copped two pasteles for 2 bucks. These are kind of like empanadas, hell some people probably call them that. I’m not all up on my central american shit but whatever basically it’s a fried tube of awesome filled with carnitas and vegetables, sold in a sandwich bag with a handful of pickled cabbage and carrots. I’ve had these a few times at El Savodorian restaurants, they are fucking banging. Some yucatan/mayan restuarants make somethings similar, just kind of depends on who is doing the cooking. I wanted to cop some of this lady’s papusas but I didn’t have time for that shit. If you see these cop, they are tasty as fuck.


  1. eric Says:

    this is exciting, seeing as fuck is so tasty

  2. mattbrains Says:

    Serg uses ‘fuck’ like it’s his last name…

    I used to go to PR a lot when I was dating a chick who grew up there. Her aunt always used to make pasteles de pesce or pasteles de camarrones. She would steam them in a banana leaf, the fish and shrimp would stay so tender and moist. I can only remember plaintains and taro root being included in the outside masa layer of goodness – I have no clue what was really in them. I wish I had a recipe.

  3. SergDun Says:

    Matt, that just sounds like a sweet banana leaf tamale. plantains in the masa sounds dope though.

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