Ryan Farr’s blog is dope as fuck but holy shit the dude is taking it there, fucking Bacon Mayonaise! my heart is crying.

This dude is such a fucking boss

4 Responses to “OH FUCK!”

  1. Bobby Says:

    My god, this looks fucking ill!!

  2. bestbyfarr Says:

    Hey I love your blog. I was reading your posts about Chicharrones and thought I should put mine in the mix and see what you think. Let me know were you are next couple weeks and I will drop you off some. Take care, Ryan Farr

  3. MF Grocery Says:

    Yeah this dude is def. killing it right about now.

    Thanks Serg!

  4. el jefe MS Says:

    yum. ow, arteries… yum. ow, my arteries… yum. ow, my arteries….

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